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Guide to Working with the Elderly

There is a great deal of satisfaction with working with the elderly. A care worker in a residential or nursing home assists elderly people in being able to enjoy the best quality of life possible. However, Sophia from civilizedhealth.com agreed stating that work with elderly is very delicate and a …

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Legitimate Online Doctors

Online doctor

Online pharmacies, such as Quick Doctor, are a new and convenient way of getting access to medicine. They make the purchase of medicine easier and offer an excellent alternative to people that are physically impaired or don’t feel comfortable going to the doctor’s. They also offer expert advice and guidance …

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Do You Need a College Degree to be Successful in Business?

I was recentlysent a question asking if it’s really necessary to go to college and graduate with a business degree to be successful in business. It is 2018, after all. The short answer: no, you don’t need to. I know plenty of millionaire business owners who made it without a …

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How to Keep Learning as an Adult

Post-college, it’s easy to fall into the mindset of “I’m done school forever!” and burn all your textbooks. I understand how amazing that feels. However, when the book burning is done, and that degree is hanging on your wall, come back to education with your freshly made espresso. I don’t mean …

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Which Social Media Platform Should You Focus Your Marketing On?

If you’re not a millennial or gen-x, then you might be slightly confused as to where to take your online marketing in the world of social media. New platforms pop up on the daily and they’re constantly changing. There are companies willing to manage your digital marketing for you, but …

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Personal Branding vs. Organization Branding

When potential clients come across your business online, what they see 100% affects if they stay or leave. It used to be that having a professional and impersonal website was the way to go because looking more official made you more trustworthy. In this day in age, that simply isn’t …

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How I Overcame My Fear of Public Speaking

In high school, I was extremely shy and nervous. I would dread the compulsory oral presentations we’d have to give in each class, sometimes even feigning sick to stay home and prolong it another day. I loved to plan school events, but I never wanted to get on stage and …

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