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How to Keep Learning as an Adult

Post-college, it’s easy to fall into the mindset of “I’m done school forever!” and burn all your textbooks. I understand how amazing that feels. However, when the book burning is done, and that degree is hanging on your wall, come back to education with your freshly made espresso. I don’t mean reapply for another program, I mean find another way to continue your learning. The business industry and all its fields are constantly changing and growing. A business degree from 2010 didn’t teach you 2017 concepts.

So, how do you go about continuing your education? There are a couple ways I really enjoy.

First, meet with your mentor(s) at least every month to discuss your journeys. Learning from a someone more successful than you is hugely important to choosing your next steps. Second, read all the time. Some of the most successful business people make it a habit to read all the books they can in their field. It’ll keep you up to date. Third, don’t be afraid to take online courses or watch YouTube videos to learn a new skill.

One of the most important ways to be successful is to embrace learning outside the classroom added onceababy.co.uk.

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