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Do You Need a College Degree to be Successful in Business?

I was recentlysent a question asking if it’s really necessary to go to college and graduate with a business degree to be successful in business. It is 2018, after all. The short answer: no, you don’t need to. I know plenty of millionaire business owners who made it without a degree, using only their brain, sweat, and tears. There’s something to be said for street-smarts in the business world.

The long answer: It can be beneficial.

My experience at college was immensely important to where I am now. I’m not necessarily talking about the classes, the campus life, or the parties. The crucial parts of college that I think you’ll regret missing out on are networking with people in your field, finding mentors in your professors, and building skills that you will need in the real world. I wish that college wasn’t so expensive and that so many kids didn’t waste their time partying. The only way, I believe, going to college will help you become successful in business is if you take advantage of the people and experts around you. Learn anything and everything, from anyone and everyone.

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