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Personal Branding vs. Organization Branding

When potential clients come across your business online, what they see 100% affects if they stay or leave. It used to be that having a professional and impersonal website was the way to go because looking more official made you more trustworthy. In this day in age, that simply isn’t the case anymore. Today’s clients and customers are looking for businesses they can relate to and that they feel connected to. Brand loyalty is bigger than ever, and a lot of that has to do with customer’s believing in your business because they took the time to get to know it.

The best way to engage with potential customers is through personal branding. Rather than an impersonal logo with no direct person responsible for the providing the services, make it super personal. You need to find a face for the company. That can either be the CEO or president, or it can be through the hiring of brand ambassadors. Customers want to see a real face on the company’s social media platforms. Getting your brand out there shouldn’t be difficult. You can accomplish it with a huge number of mediums, for example putting your company logo on a vehicle wrap, advertisements, letter heads and so many more. Prominent store fronts and billboards, which can be made using polycarbonate sheeting, engage with thousands of potential customers daily.

On your social media platforms, take advantage of the “live” features. You can always post infographics about your company’s purpose and services, but through live video show the daily routine of your business. Take a live video of yourself talking about an awesome review a customer recently left and what that meant to you. Refer to your customers by their names as much as possible. Reply to comments and direct messages. Ask questions back to your customers and if they give constructive criticism, consider it. Communicating with customers is the best marketing method on the internet. If customers know they can rely on you to answer questions promptly and put energy into being in this digital world, they’ll support you. Jeff from Seymour Locksmiths agreed “branding is essential, you want a name people will remember, one that looks trustworthy.”

I mentioned above the use of brand ambassadors. If you’re not comfortable being the face of the company, then you need to find people to represent it. Start by researching different bloggers, YouTubers, and media outlets in your industry that you admire. Hiring bloggers can lead to doubling your sales in no time because bloggers have already cultivated trust and loyalty from their readers. If they tell their readers that your product is amazing, those readers will become your customers.

I almost always lean on the side of personal branding because, in today’s culture, it’s increasingly important to personally connect with potential clients and customers in a way they trust. Also, you shouldn’t forget traditional ways of advertising like placing your logo on crowd barrier covers, etc.

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