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Which Social Media Platform Should You Focus Your Marketing On?

If you’re not a millennial or gen-x, then you might be slightly confused as to where to take your online marketing in the world of social media. New platforms pop up on the daily and they’re constantly changing. There are companies willing to manage your digital marketing for you, but you don’t want that expense in your budget. I understand you, so I created a tip-sheet on the main platforms and why you want to use each one.

  1. Facebook is the most universally used social media platform available. Everyone and their dog has a profile, which makes it a prime location to market your business. However, due to the mass amount of business already doing this, it can be a challenge not to oversaturate your followers who are already being bombarded with ads. The key is consistent moderation in your posts and regularly offering useful content to your followers. I think it is the number one social media platform every business should be on… but tread lightly.
  2. Instagram is the creative outlet for all of us. Less text heavy than Facebook, Instagram focuses on using captivating images to grow followers and direct them to your website. Nearly as popular as Facebook, but it definitely has a younger vibe which can be intimidating to an older business owner. Here’s my take: if you have an eye for photos and believe you can create visually appealing content, then dive into Instagram, especially if you want to drive traffic. If you aren’t confident in doing that, then don’t waste your time. Focus on Facebook.
  3. Twitter is like Facebooks older, but shorter, brother. You still can still post statuses and pictures, but there is less customization to your profile. This means less opportunity to explain what your business does and who you are. I believe that Twitter isn’t the place to start your digital marketing journey, but a place to grow with your existing Facebook followers. Twitter is a great platform to run promotions and ad campaigns, but Facebook does it better. If you have time to do both then I highly recommend it.

The world of social media can be daunting if you didn’t grow up in it. But that doesn’t mean you can’t start now and thrive. Beside your printed logo and branding your company the “old way”, your business can soar to new heights with the addition of digital marketing, you just have to put in the time to learn how to do it right.

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